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What is Stevia

 Steva is a natural plant-based sweetener extracted from the sweet leaf of the stevia-rebuadiana plant native to South America

Does Bonvia contain pure stevia

Bonvia is a mixture of two ingredients . Pure natural Stevia for sweetness and  natural maltodextrin extracted from Corn to balance the sweetness since pure Stevia is too sweet for direct consumption.

What is the sweetness level compared to other sweeteners

It has similar amount of sweetness to other sweetness that is, 1 sachet = 2 tsps. of sugar.

Is it safe for diabetic patients

Yes it is suitable for diabetic patients, Bonvia stevia does not contain sugar and has a low glycemic index. However we recommend anyone with medical or health related questions to seek advice from a medical professional.

Are there any side effects

There are no known side effects of Bonvia Stevia