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Our Story

Natura Wellness Foods is a young start-up dedicated to help people improve their wellbeing by providing premium, healthy and natural products. Our ambition is to help “make healthy choices easily” 
We believe that enjoying simple pleasures such as a refreshing cup of tea or a delicious dessert should not come at the cost of compromising healthy living. Therefore, we have created Bonvia, a natural Stevia based low calorie sweetener that tastes great and can substitute sugar in almost anything. 

The natural stevia sweetener is extracted from the sweet leaf of Stevia-Rebaudiana plant, native to South America. Stevia is being used in Japan since many decades as a healthy natural sweetener due to its low glycemic index and no- calories. However the use of Stevia as an alternative to sugar has grown globally since it was approved by US FDA in 2008 and European Union in 2011.

Bonvia natural stevia sweetener, is produced in Germany under the highest food safety and quality standards set by EU, and packed in Pakistan under safe hygienic conditions. It is a safe natural replacement of sugar with 90% less calories and carbohydrates than sugar. Therefore it is suitable for diabetics and for losing weight as part of a calorie controlled diet.